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May 6, 2011
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Kainde Nag'ash Colored by MistaSilentKiller Kainde Nag'ash Colored by MistaSilentKiller
A Very Big Thanks To My Friends :iconbender18: And :iconjasmo: For Making Kainde

Lines By :iconbender18: [link]

Coloring By :iconjasmo:


Kainde Nag'ash

Name: Kainde Nag`ash
Nickname: Kan
Name Meaning: The Hard Solid
Human Codename: The Hunter Hulk
Born: yaujta prime
Gender: Male
Age: 768 years
Status/Rank: An Ancient Councilor
Other Ranks/Titles: Brawler, Disc Master, Hunter, Spear Master & Stalker
Yautja type: Hunter, Brawler and Gladiator
Languages: Yautja Language, Huragok Language & English

Father: kuji- he was killed by the badbloods and his head was taken as a trophy, he was known for using too much plasma weaponry and he use too blow too many stuff.
Mother: yeyin- she died while giving birth to Kainde, she was banished by her super black predator clan because she wanted to be an honorable huntress.
Wife: Chi'cha- met her in one of the hunts in dosiac and became friends and then married, she loves hunting brutes.
Son: Jedin- was born after a year after the marriage, his too individual.
Pet: yeyinde- a spikeless predator hound that he once found it in the streets when he was young and kept it.
Pet: steg'in- an alien horse that he once found it on a xenomorph breeding facility in area 51.
Grandson: hult'ah- jehdins son- he always spots his prey quickly.
Grandson: vor'keta- jehdins son- he loves stalking down his preys.
Grandson: ka'vir- jehdins son- he hunts all the time day and night.
Grandson: mar'cte- jehdins son- he uses too much weapons.
Daughter in Law: mika- jehdins wife- she met jehdin in one of the hunts in balaho, too strict at her sons.
Adoptable Friend: virko- a Huragok that Kainde found him in a broken covenant shuttle injured, he took him home fixed and healed him; Kainde learnt quickly how to comminute with the Huragok via physical signs and whistles, virko loves fixing Kainde's Stuff

Weight: 768 Kg
Height: 3.5m long
Skin Color: Deep Black
Eye Color: Glowing Red

Favorite Food: Thorn Beast Flesh, Triceratops Flesh & Gazelles Flesh
Favorite preys: Xenomorphs, Necromorphs, Navis, Poleepkwas, Humans, Sangheilis, Space jockeys, Jiralhanaes & Velociraptors
Favorite Places of Hunt in Earth: Isla Sorna, Antarctica, Jamaica, Area 51, African Savannah & the Amazon
What he hate the most: Weyland-Yutani, Yautja Badbloods, Killer Clan, Covenant & Mad Crazy Human Scientists
Favorite Planets of hunt: Game Preserve, Aegis 7, Pandora, Poleepkwa Homeworld, Xenomorph Prime, Doisac, Sanghelios & Space Jockey Homeworld

Weapons: two long wrist blades, two plasma casters (can be modified to plasma pistol), whip, disc, plasma glaive, glaive, combistick, sword, shuriken, bolas, burner, ceremonial dagger, fire bombs, wrist canon bolt, maul, mines, plasma grenades & spear gun
Equipments: Bio Mask, wrist computer, grappling hook, medicomp, health shards, wrist net launcher & tagging device
Visions on the Bio Mask: sonar/echolocation, infrared, alien vision, electromagnetic spectra, Tech Vision, X-ray & Neuro Vision

Kainde Nag`ash was born from super predator mother and a normal predator father which resulted making a new breed of non-stop growing yautja, his mother died because of his birth and he was left alone with his father.

The following years his dad trained and prepared him to be a youngblood before the council of ancients sent him in a hunt to one of the pyramids located in planet Sanghelios built by them.

He was sent in the hunt with five youngbloods and he hunted some xenomorphs and Sangheilis and he was the only survivor in the hunt bringing with him some ancestral equipments and the queen's head as a trophy after that his father as an elder promoted him the rank of elite after the hunt.

After years Kainde went to many planets and even earth around Milky Way hunting different species and creatures gaining too many trophies after that his father was assassinated by game preserve badbloods and taken his head as a trophy Kainde swore on revenge for his beloved father he went to game preserve and wiped out all of the badbloods there hunting them one by one until he had an encounter with the badbloods elder shooting both of the elders limbs with his casters and slashing him in the throat by his sword taking his head as a trophy after that he saw some movements inside one of the elders huts he went there and saw that the elder had three children Kainde didn't want to kill them because it's against his honor instead he left them to live, the children will become like their father and they will be known as Tracker, Falconer and Berserker.

When Kainde returned to his home planet the council of ancients made him the elder of his clan because of his successful mission after years Kainde married and his wife chi`cha gave birth to a child and he named him jehdin after years jehdin grew up Kainde trained him and many young warriors of his clan to become youngbloods and sent them into hunts and one of them is Spartan, after that jehdin, Spartan and few young hunters survived and past the hunt and they became elites.

After that Kainde wanted to go around the whole Milky Way with his clan on a hunting trip to bring more trophies and gain respect from other clans and council of ancients, as the time went and they went on many planets and got many trophies they went to the Poleepkwa Homeworld as their last hunting ground before going to their homeworld, when they went their they didn't expect to see what they saw the whole planet was on a war, Poleepkwas fought each other like there was a civil war or a world war on the whole planet still it was a perfect hunting ground before going home, so the clan hunted many Poleepkwa soldiers and taking the stronger heads as trophies before leaving the planet they saw something not normal a Poleepkwa war cruiser chasing and opening fire at a normal Poleepkwa mothership that he saw earlier carrying the young, sick and defenseless so Kainde had to act by himself with his honor, he sneaked up to the war cruiser and eliminated pilots, soldiers and the captain of the ship taking his head as a trophy after that he left the planet with his clan to their homeworld and Poleepkwa mothership will be known to refuge in Earth, South Africa from the terrifying civil war.

After years when humans and other different recesses of species begun their colonization on different Planets in milky way Kainde and his clan has been stopping weyland-yutani from achieving their goal destroying their bases, labs and factories on different planets bishop swore on revenge on the predators but he did not do anything, and they've been on a great hunt on planet Pandora hunting both Humans and Navis and they have been stopping humans from doing stupid stuff on the planet part of their honor.

when Kainde reached the age of 700 years once he went to the council of ancients telling them that he wants to be part of them the council set him a task he must go on a hunt to Xenomorph prime hunt an alien king without using plasma weapons and bring its head back as trophy and then go earth, isla sorna and do the same to a spinosaurus and a trex and then go to the space jockey homeworld eliminate the rest of space jockeys for kidnapping youngbloods in their hunt and lastly he must go to an old ally of yautjas, the last of the Forerunners to send him in a very dangerous mission and it is to eliminate the rest of the flood on the forerunner homeworld and the self destruct it after 2 years he completed all of the tasks and he became an ancient.

When human-covenant war started the yautjas refused alliance from both sides when Kainde sent one of his youngbloods to Sanghelios the Sangheili killed him and stole the predator's technology Kainde called for war and they went straight away to Sanghelios with loads of motherships and one big ancient cruiser killing loads of Sangheili except the weak and the young, Sangheili couldn't send covenant reinforcements because all of the army is already fighting humans.

After years jehdin got married to mika a huntress that he once met with her in balaho hunting grunts and after a year his wife gave birth to four children, and he named them hult'ah, vor'mekta, kv'var and mar'cte, but in few years a great danger will come from a clan that once predators thought it was mystery and a myth they call themselves killers.

Kainde Nag'ash- Character & Concept ~MistaSilentKiller :iconmistasilentkiller:
Line Art ~Bender18 :iconbender18:
Kainde original,first design Bender18 :iconbender18:
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